30 March 2018

Vacances - Català; Ara i Sempre

Today is a word to say out loud Vacances! I am sure that you'll love this word and what does it mean when you'll discover what does it refer to...! Vacances... /vekənses/

Any idea? Vacances is Holidays! Oh yes! Some people today have started holidays... only for 4 days, but better 4 than none, isn't it?
I will share with you this poem from a very famous Catalan poet...

Vacances Pagades - Pere Quart
Prendré el tren de vacances pagades.               I will take the train of the paid holidays.
Arrapat al topall.                    Engaged to the roof
La terra que va ser la nostra herència               The earth that was our legacy
fuig de mi.               it escapes from me.
És un doll entre cames               Is a source between legs
que em rebutja.               that it repels me
Herbei, pedram:               Grass, stones:
senyals d'amor dissolts en la vergonya.                signs of love diluted in the embarassment.

Ok, I have to admit that this poem doesn't have much sense... is quite old and the words are not the ones we use right now... but it was funny to translate! ;)
Enjoy your holidays!   

In Their Own Words by Phil Vance

“In their own words is a series of portraits created by writing quotes by that particular person thousands of times. While each portrait has the same theme, they are rendered in unique ways to show off the style itself as well as the personality of each individual.”

Take a look at these creations by the artist Phil Vance.

The source is My Modern Met.

The Uninvited Corpse by Debra Sennefelder - Blog Tour + Guest Post

The Uninvited Corpse by Debra Sennefelder
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4'5/5 

Hope Carly discovers a body when is celebrating her friend's book publishing... is true that no one liked Peaches McCoy, but who had a strong motive to kill her?

This had been a quick read, addictive and a lot of guessing through all the pages.
Hope is a brave woman (and a blogger!), and she knows that her sister is innocent and will not doubt to try to find the real killer to free her. Lucky for her, she has very good friends and a handsome Chief of Police that will try to keep her safe, even when the killer tries to kill her a couple of times...
I liked the familiarity with all the characters, the reporter, the social club, the neighbours... even when one of them could be the killer (and almost all of them have motives to kill) they try to help Hope... yes, of course there are a few people who just want Hope to disappear, but this is the fun of the community, am I right? 
The investigation is quite complex, sadly, the main detective will just focus on Claire, Hope's sister... really, I would like to think that police detectives are more open-minded and searching all the suspects, who let me say, in this case there are quite a few...!
I have to admit that I finished this book quickly and I couldn't put it down. I hope we will read soon a new adventure of Hope, her cases are interesting and addictive. And there are some delicious recipes at the end of the book to keep you waiting!
Would you risk your life to uncover a killer?

I am lucky to share with you a special Guest Post by the author, enjoy! ;)

Spontaneous decisions are great for amateur slueth by Debra Sennefelder

A lot of people have asked me if my protagonist, Hope Early, is anything like me. The answer is a vague yes and no. While we share many things in common, I would have to say Hope is far more spontaneous than I am. In fact, that’s how she landed back in her hometown of Jefferson, Connecticut.
Hope Early started her food blog, Hope at Home, as a way to share her recipes and creative DIY ideas while working full-time as a magazine editor. Creating and photographing gave her an outlet at the end of a long day. She never intended to become a full-time blogger, nor did she ever intend to be a participant on a reality baking television show. The spontaneous decision to apply to the reality show turned her life upside down. When the show ended, so had her marriage and she was unemployed. She then had to decide whether to look for a new job in magazine publishing or make the move back to her hometown and turn her blogging hobby into a full-fledged career. With the decision made to buy an old farmhouse in Jefferson and to work full-time on her blog, she began to settle into her new and everything was going well. That was until she found the body of a controversial real estate agent and her sister became the prime suspect.
Deciding on the spur-of- the-moment to appear on the reality show wasn’t the last spontaneous thing Hope did. She made the, some would say questionable, decision to investigate the murder of Peaches McCoy on her own. Without thinking too much of the potential consequences, Hope dove headfirst into the investigation because of their sisterly bond and the overwhelming need to protect Claire.
Having a character who is spontaneous is great for this writer because it gives me so much material to work with. Let’s be honest, if she wasn’t spontaneous there wouldn’t be much of a book, right? And since I’m being honest, I have to admit I admire her spontaneity. I don’t think I would make a decision to appear on a competitive reality show over dinner. That’s what happened when she met reality television show producer, Corey Lucas. While dining she told him she would audition. The next morning, she did have a little regret of making such a commitment but she went through with it. In the long run, her life has turned out pretty good.
Sans the murders in her town.
Will I ever be as spontaneous as Hope? Probably not but maybe I can add a little more spontaneity to my life but I’m pretty certain it won’t be inserting myself into a murder investigation, I’ll leave that to my fictional character. Maybe I’ll take an afternoon off and go to the movies one day.
In the meantime, I’ll continue to explore the differences between myself and Hope as I write her next books. Thank you for visiting with me today and I’d love to know, are you a spontaneous person?

29 March 2018

Marmota - Català; Ara i Sempre

These days if my little one allowed me, I think I would sleep a lot... I am going to sleep late (I am reading some very interesting books!) and I am waking up quite early... So today I will share with  you an animal right now I envy quite a lot, Marmota... /mərmɔtə/

Any idea what is a Marmota? Yep, is a Groundhog! A stocky North American animal that burrows in holes and hibernates in the winter. A really cute animal! I am sure you have seen the movie "Groundhog Day"!
So today I want to share with you a quote we use quite often in Catalan...

"Dormir com una marmota"
"Sleeping like a groundhog"

Which means to sleep very well, without being woken by any noises... something I need right now!!

Science Maps by Dominic Walliman

No matter if you love/hate science (as you already know, I love science), because I am sure you will find these science maps created by Dominic Walliman original to share with your nerd friends! ;)

Bring Me Back by BA Paris

Bring Me Back by BA Paris
Genre: Psychological Mystery
Source: Fiction HQ
Rating: 3/5 

Layla disappeared 12 years ago while on a trip with her boyfriend Finn in France. He told the truth to the police, but no everything...
Now Finn has turned page, has proposed to her girlfirend, curiously Layla’s sister... And then they start receiving Russian Dolls... Has Layla returned or someone is messing with their minds?

"It was Layla who first told me the story, of how she and Ellen both had a set of Russian dolls, the sort that stack one inside the other and how one day the smallest one from Ellen's set had gone missing. Ellen had accused Layla of taking it but Layla denied that she had, and it had never been found. Now, thirteen years after I first heard that story, the irony strikes me because, like Ellen's little Russian doll, Layla went missing and has never been found."

This book has started as a non-stop reading, sadly I discovered everything too soon, so the book lost all the interest in the beginning... I was expecting a story full of twists and dark secrets, but it was too easy to discover what was really inside the Russian Dolls...
I think the main problem I had with the story is I didn’t like the main character Finn, how can he not go to the police if you are receiving messages from your disappeared girlfriend 12 years ago? If Finn didn’t kill her, he would want to know what really happened, am I wrong? And of course, not telling the truth to your fiancée is never a good thing...! Really, when they will learn that telling the truth is always better than hiding secrets?
That I discovered the plot too soon doesn’t mean the book was not interesting and well written, simply this book was not for me.
The reference to the Russian Dolls in this book is too real, when a truth is discovered there’s another secret hidden inside... so be prepared for a mystery inside a mystery book!
Ready to bring the past back?

28 March 2018

Fruita - Català; Ara i Sempre

Today is the turn for a healthy word, these last days I haven't been feeling quite well, so they say the best way to change is changing the way you think, isn't it? So Fruita...

Yes, the word is almost the same as in English, so you should not have any problems discovering that Fruita is fruit! Fruit; the part of a plant that is developed from a flower, esp. when used as food.
This time it had been tricky finding a poem or quote with the word "Fruita", all of them talked about a concrete fruit, so today I only can share with you this illustration of some fruits in Catalan!

Ticket To The Moon by Adventure Hammock

"Inspired by the hammocker’s habit which always seeking for the best spot, relaxing by using only two hanging mediums, such as trees or cliffs, this Print Advertorial execution using nature objects with an optical illusion approach to represent comfort and calmness while they enjoying the sights on their adventure."

Take a look at this original advertising from Adventure Hammock, original and mesmerising! ;)

Advertising Agency: LOTUS:H, Jakarta, Indonesia
Chief Creative Officer: Hoh Woon Siew
Executive Creative Director / Copywriter: Dino Mojica
Creative Director / Art Director: Ramdhan Hidayat
Art Directors: Dimas Arfiyanto, Suteddi Chen
Copywriter: Prasetya Adhinugraha
Account Team: Ira Saphira, Rizky Yuliansyah, Khairani Bianda
Strategic Planning Manager: Wimala Djafar
Creative Support: Suryo Guritno, Rini Susanti, Iman Budiman
Production House: Locana Imaging
Retoucher: Vinsensius Seno

The source is Ads of the World.


Really, I don't think the word too much can be applied to pens, because, always when you need one you can not find it... so here's another pen for you collection.

The RevPen by Minimael, is not only a pen is a spinner too, perfect for the ones that need some "inspiration" while they are writing or something to use their hands when you don't want to listen to the speaker... ;)

The RevPen is a light, durable, and everyday carry pen that also doubles as a fidgeting toy for adults. Able to spin about the axis, the RevPen's sleek design won't look out of place while being used as a pen or as a spinner. The RevPen is equipped with high-quality Japanese ink and made from high-grade aluminium.

So, tell me, which colour will you choose? ;)

27 March 2018

Primavera - Català; Ara i Sempre

This is a green word, full of life, hope and vitality... Can you guess what does Primavera mean? /prē′məvâr′ə/

One clue, it started last week... any idea? Primavera means Spring! The season between winter and summer, marked by the budding and growth of plants and the onset of warmer weather. 
Is one of my favourite seasons, is like the earth wakes up again after a long sleep and there's color everywhere!

Here is a beautiful song that my mum used to sang me when I was little...

Et diré un secret molt fi: la primavera és aquí...     I will tell you a fine secret: the spring is here...
ha cantat una cançó i ha florit el teu balcó.     It has sang a song and has sprung to your balcony.
Fuig hivern, vés a dormir, la primavera és aquí     Run away winter, go to sleep, spring is here
Vés al teu palau de glaç, que ja som al mes de març!     Go to your glass castle, that we are already                                        in march!

Yu-Hsuan Wang Illustrations

I am fascinated by the beautiful illustrations of the Taiwanese artist Yu-Hsuan Wang, take a look...

Privilege, Prestige and Murder by Christa Nardi - Blog Tour + Giveaway

Privilege, Prestige and Murder by Christa Nardi
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes

'"Oh, my gosh. You think I killed him? I can't even kill spiders."
Officer Flatt shook his head a bit before he answered. "Calm down. We have to ask these questions."
"I'll get you more water." Rick picked up my glass and disappeared into my kitchen. He came back with the water and nodded to Officer Flatt. "One empty Rocky Road carton in the trash."
I glared at him. How dare he check my trash? "Just so you know, I didn't eat it all at once."
His mouth twitched, but he didn't say a word.'

This had been an interesting read, with charming characters and a complex plot.
I suppose that if you are divorcing your rich husband and it appears dead you'll be always the main suspect... the only good thing with all this case is that Stacie will meet two handsome detectives... maybe one of them will steal her heart, you never know! Of course Stacie is innocent, it will not take longer to the detectives to rule her out of the suspects, the only problem is that she will be the next killer target...
This is one of those cases with multiple suspects and all of them with dark secrets... 
After reading this story I felt the need to know more about Stacie's life, she is a brave woman with really good friends and a big heart. True that her marriage with Ted ended badly, but he wasn't a bad person neither, simply he didn't know how to connect with her... We will see how was her marriage, empty and sad... but I think if he would not had been killed they would ended being friends. 
I always thought that having money is something important, to pay a good education to your children, but now that I am a mother, I've learned that is more important teaching them how to love and be respected than anything money can buy.
What is more important for you, love or money?

Sounds interesting? Good luck in the Giveaway!

26 March 2018

Llibertat - Català; Ara i Sempre

Sorry, today I will not share any new word, I will repeat the one I started this project, Llibertat, yes freedom, we want our President free, we vote for him, why has he to be exiled and in prison? Really I can not understand it...

Today's newspapers talk about Catalonia, we want our freedom, is something so difficult to understand?
If you take a look at today's newspaper Ara, you'll find covers around the world talking about our conflict.

Culinary Canvas

I love the creations of Culinary Canvas, so cute and original, take a look...

Bullet Blocker

This is the first time I'll be talking about the gun problem, I don't like it, but I was so surprised to see these backpacks that I think I have to say something...
In Catalonia seeing a gun is something weird, you can not buy them in a supermarket or a shop at the centre of any city, you need a special certificate to own one but I am sure that thanks to the internet you can buy them anywhere. I am against having guns at home, no matter what you think you need to protect you or your family against, owning a gun will never end good... Last week I read that a child killed another because of a game fight, really? What are we teaching our children; that is better using a gun than talking? That if you need something with a gun you will win it?
I can understand the need of these Bullet Blocker backpacks, but really I hate that they exist. After so many deaths at American high schools I can understand that parents need to try do something to protect their son/daughter, but I think that the protection should start having less guns... but this is something I think...

Take a look at the backpacks, they don't seem to be different from the ones we can buy at any shop, the only think is that it protects the back, but the front? Simply an observation...

25 March 2018

Tossut - Català; Ara i Sempre

I think Tossut is a feature that characterises the Catalans, is quite difficult to make us change our minds if we want something, that's why today I wanted to share with you the word "Tossut"

I think that after the explanation I did it would be easy to discover which is the meaning of tossut, yep, stubborn; unreasonably unwilling to change. I chose this word because my little one yesterday didn't want to talk at all, not one word, simply because he didn't want to, so I thought I would share my anger with you...! But today it means something more, yesterday afternoon the Spanish government decided to put 5 more people in prison, simply because they did what they were voted for, trying to create the Catalan Republic. So be prepared, because like I mentioned before, the Catalans are stubborn, and we will not change our mind because they put us in prison, we will continue to fight peacefully but without stopping until we have what we voted, our freedom!
So, today I will change what I normally do, and I will share with you some Catalan quotes that had a very strong meaning in these sad moments.

"Les arrels garanteixen moments de valentia com aquests" Eva Baltasar
"The origins guarantee bravery moments like these" Eva Baltasar

In this case the quote referees to the new prisoners who went to court this Friday knowing that most probably will not get out, and to Marta Rovira that knowingly she decided to go to exile.

Inici de càntic en el temple- Salvador Espriu
Ara digueu: "La ginesta floreix,                    Now say: "The broom bloom,
arreu als camps hi ha vermell de roselles.                   everywhere in the land there is red of poppies"
Ara digueu: "Ens mantindrem fidels                    Now say: "We will maintain our fidelity
per sempre més al servei d'aquest poble"                   for ever and ever at the service of this country"

And this little bit of a larger poem is important because the broom's colour is yellow and we choose to protest against politic prisoners with a yellow bow. Now more than ever we will wear it with pride and sadness. Really is not fair, they fight for us and they are in prison, this should not happen in a country that refer itself as democratic don't you think?

Slime by Jonathan Knowles

Ok, I really have no idea why all the children are fascinated by the slime, I've seen photos with children bathing with slime, playing with the hands... not really something I would be glad to do, it has to be quite sticky and bathing?? Really??
Today I want to share with you the project Slime by Jonathan Knowles, and let me say that I love these creations and how he transmits the gelatinous effect of the slime!

Punky Pins

For the last year I've been looking at some amazing designers and their little pins creations, if you search on Instagram you will see so many pretty designs and forms but you'll be overwhelmed by all the photos!
Today I want to share with you the little creations of Punky Pins, I choose this designer for my love to books and the way they shared it with a simple word or a drawing, take a look...

Do you have any favourite pin designer?

24 March 2018

Bombolla - Català; Ara i Sempre

First of all, I am repeating this again and again, Catalan is not a Spanish dialect, I will not enter to the conflict which one was first or if Spanish was a Catalan dialect, I have not studied linguistics and history, so not my point. But what I am really tired to repeat is that Catalan is not a dialect, we have Catalan dialects, but in Spain (even if the government is trying to eliminate them) we have 4 active languages, and one of them is Catalan.
So, lets go for today's word, I think this is a beautiful one, is funny to say and funny to do, let's say the truth. Bombolla... /bumbɔʎa/

Any idea? Bombolla... Is colorful, round and it disappears within seconds... oh yes, bubble; a round body of gas in a liquid.
I've found a nice poem that plays with the bubbles, want to take a look?

Bombolles - Joana Raspall
Vine a fer bombolles,                    Come to make bubbles,
Que tinc un tassó                    I have a mug
Ple d’aigua i sabó.                    Full of water and soap.

Mira com voleien                    Look at how they fly
I brillen al sol                    And how they shine at the sun
Tot fent tornassol!                    Like a litmus paper

Si la més bonica                    If the prettiest one
proves d'agafar,                    you try to catch,
Se't fon a la mà...                    It will melt on your hand...
I et quedes en dubte                    And you will doubt
De si l’has bufat                    If you blown it
O ho has somniat!                    Or if you have dreamed about it!

BETTERTOPIA : Panasonic 100th Global Web site

Welcome to Bettertopia.
This dream city is always filled with smiles and vitality.Panasonic’s products and services,
using current and future advanced technologies, are supporting people’s lives and businesses here.
Would you like to see how "A Better Life, A Better World" have become a reality?

Really, I have no idea what is Bettertopia, but the design is impressing, take a look...

I know the image is very little, but if you enter to the homepage, you'll be fascinated but this imaginary world!.
Here is with some detail...