31 October 2017

The Molecular Shape of You by A Capella Science

I know sometimes science is not easy to understand, that's why today I want to share with you the original but educative videos of A Capella Science. It seems silly, but all the information they sing is real science and very well explained, so if you don't understand basic chemistry, this is a very good way to learn it!
You know that singing is the best way to learn? ;)


As you know I am a coffee addict, so when I saw these beautiful food jewellery, Delicacies, I couldn't wait to share it with you.
You can choose which ingredient you like and all the ingredients have a special meaning. For example the Shrimps promotes: Good Fortune, Comfort, Wisdom and Happiness. You will find the meaning within every Delicacies, take a look.
I am still not sure which ingredient I love most and if I prefer bracelet or pendant... they are all so cute!

30 October 2017

Along 72 Pictures

We have seen a lot of copies, designs and original imitations of some of these famous paintings, but I think the creations of Along 72 are the cutest ones!

Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe by Melissa de la Cruz

Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe by Melissa de la Cruz
Genre: Chick Lit, Romance, Christmas
Source: Bookbridgr
Rating: 4/5

Darcy Fitzwiliam has to return home after 8 years without visiting her family and friends, she is not really happy about the return, it will reopen old wounds, but Christmas and mistletoes can heal all the pain, no?
Ready for a Christmassy book?

'"I can have Lorna show you to your room," Mr. Fitzwilliam added
"Um." Darcy was confused for a moment. "Why would I need her to show me where my room is?"
"Well, it has been quite a long time."
"I see." Darcy quietly took in the jab. "I think I'll be just fine. But thanks for your concern, Dad."'

Who doesn't like Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen? If you mix it with Christmas (my favourite time of the year) and in the present, you have the perfect read for this Christmas thanks to Melissa de la Cruz.
This is a chick lit book, with romance, humour and some delicious eggnog to enjoy this sweet read. This book is to remember us that happy endings exist, and that your loved one is waiting for you, possibly in front of you without you to notice it! ;)
Can a mistletoe change Darcy's life? She has a very stellar life, she just doesn't have any personal life and maybe it's the moment to leave her work life and start taking care of her heart... She needs a purpose and start feeling confident with herself. She will have a passionate kiss with her arch-enemy Luke Bennett, it's just the magic of the mistletoe or something else? Can't they stand each other or simply misunderstandings after a long time?
This is a sweet story, were love and Christmas entangle with a modern Jane Austen.
Ready for a heartwarming read?

29 October 2017

Form + Align

Take a look at this non-stop gifs from Form + Align, to keep you hypnotised to the computer for a long time!

Edge Of Darkness by Karen Rose

Edge Of Darkness by Karen Rose
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Action
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Everything starts with a bomb, lucky for our main characters it didn't explode. But to whom was addressed? And why?
I love Karen Rose books, but this is not a standalone book, I don't recommend you to read this one if you haven't read the previous ones. This is a closing book, were the big case that had started a long ago will see their culprits in prison, finally!
It's always bittersweet to read the ending of a series, it had been years since I read their stories, cases... but in the other side it's nice to know they have a sweet ending, and a happy future!
In this case the main characters Meredith and Adam will have to face a mysterious character that will try to kill them, and with all the killing and investigating the truth, they will have to face their weird non-existing feelings that they had been hiding for a long time. They will have to share their own darkest secrets and fears if they want to have a real relation between them and if they want to survive. Because Meredith doesn't know who is trying to kill her, she doesn't know the victim or the possible killer, so what are they missing?
I have to say that in the beginning I didn't like Adam at all, all day drinking and being an arse to his friends and family, but after reading his personal torment I could understand his actions, I just hope that in the future when his darkness will try to abduct him, he will have the stronghold to ask for help.
This had been a non-stop read, full of mystery, action, a couple of very interesting twists and love. I am sure it will not leave anyone indifferent.
I can't wait for the next adventure created by Karen Rose.
Do you know who to trust?

Catalonia Independence

I know that for the last weeks I posted less regularly than normal. I am not ill, simply stressed, nervous and preoccupied. Yesterday my country declared the Independence, and let me say that this had been something I've been waiting for a long time ago. But at the same time, Spain has activated article 155, to cease the Catalonian governments, law and any type of free speech we had. It will be weeks, months of fear, repression and (I hope not) violence. 
I know all of you have your own problems, but I hope for a few moments that you will try to understand our little country, we just want to be free of Spain; their retrograde laws, corrupt politicians and violent actions against Catalans. Because, I am sure you have seen the news, how we tried to vote for our Independence and the Spanish government put police from around Spain to stop the voting, no matter what, there were more than thousand people injured. People from around the world saw the images, but the Spain government still says it's not true. We have two people in prison because they asked the society to express themselves in a protest. And I am afraid that soon we will see our President in prison, sadly not the first one, because, every time Catalonia tries to be free from Spain, they kill or put in prison our Presidents. Maybe it's time to allow us to be free, don't you think?
I would like to know what we have to do for Europe to start looking at us, instead of just accepting what Spain says, because from today on, our "government" will be managed for someone that has never been voted, a political party that has the lowest votes in Catalonia. Do you think it is fair? 
I just hope that in the next days, weeks, months... country by country, start listening to us, our ideas, feelings and dreams... and stop the Spanish repression and allow Catalonia to be an independent republic.
Visca Catalunya, Lliure! 

26 October 2017

Hirasawa Minami Illustrations

Some beautiful illustrations by the artist Hirasawa Minami (memo), enjoy! ;)

Cold as Ice by Julie Mulhern - Blog Tour

Today I want to share with you the 6th book of the The Country Club Murders by Julie Mulhern, Cold as Ice.

Cold as Ice by Julie Mulhern
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes

Ellison Russell’s life resembles a rollercoaster ride. And rollercoasters make her ill. Her daughter Grace has a crush on a boy Ellison doesn’t trust and she’s taken to hosting wild parties when Ellison goes out for the evening. Worse, the bank which represents Grace’s inheritance from her father may be in trouble.
When a meeting with the chef at the country club leads to the discovery of a body, Ellison can’t afford cold feet. She must save the bank, find the killer, and convince Grace (and herself) that powerful women don’t need men to rescue them.

Interested? Good luck in the Giveaway! ;)

25 October 2017

Salty Seattle by Linda Miller Nicholson

Can you believe that these are vegetable pasta? I am not sure if we can eat all this food, for me it's art! ;)
The designs are from Linda Miller Nicholson, take a look...

Sanrio Crate - September 2017

Do you like Sanrio characters? I am sure you know Hello Kitty but there are more Sanrio characters, and all of them so cute!

The Sanrio Crate is a quarter box full of Sanrio products that will delight you with their cuteness. All of the products in this box are unique and exclusive of the Sanrio Crate, that makes the box more valuable and special. This time the box was full of food theme products. Take a look...
First of all this cute Hot Dog plushie, a nice addition to my collection, sadly my little one adopted it as his new pet...

This keychain is soft and delicious to hang in any bag, I am not sure what I like more, the fries or the cat! ;)

The burger apron is delicious and so original, I will have to cook more to wear it every day!

These coasters are perfect for a shared drink with friends (hot or cold), sadly my little one thinks they are puzzle pieces and use them to play while he eats...

I fell in love with this refrigerator bag, it's the perfect size to fill a tupperware and a drink bottle, nothing else.

This zipper is the only thing I haven't found a use yet, but I am sure sooner or later I will!

And my favourite product of this shipment, the bento box; cute, useful and something that I wanted to buy for a long time, I love it.

Did you liked my box? Which is your favourite product?

24 October 2017

Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2017

Take a look at the beautiful photos that have win this year the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year, so beautiful!


Before you take a look at this curious product, the Qoobo, you have to know that's a Japanese gadget, so you can expect to be at least different from the things you are used to.

Qoobo is a tailed cushion that heals your heart, not just that, the tail has "feelings" depending on how you touch the cushion. Original, isn't it?

This is a good present for the animal lovers that don't have space to have an animal at home or that are allergic to pets, the Qoobo’s users can interpret the response to their stroking however they like, making like they were interacting with live animals and providing them with a sense of comfort. Yukai Engineering wanted to use its expertise and experience in robotic engineering to help all people – including those with pet allergies and apartment dwellers who can’t own pets – enjoy the comfort that only animals can give them. 

What do you think? Will this be on your wish list this Christmas?

23 October 2017

Poisonous Vs. Edible Berries

Do you like to go to the forest and would like to know what types of edible berries you can find? Take a look at this Infographic Poisonous vs. Edible Berries by Alan's Factory Outlet, but remember not to eat anything if you don't know for sure they are edible!
Apologies for the size of the image, but there's the only way you could see something! ;)

Poisonous vs. Edible Berries - AlansFactoryOutlet.com- Infographic

Snare by Lilja Signerdardotter - Blog Tour

Snare by Lilja Signerdardotter
Genre: Thriller
Source: OrendaBooks
Rating: 4'5/5

"It felt like decades since she and Adam had travelled abroad with Tómas as a small child, loaded down with luggage, and constantly concerned about finding somewhere with changing facilities or being the victim of some sharp-eyed pickpocket. Back then they had often been stressed by what now seemed trivial details; they'd had no idea how precious it was to have nothing serious to worry about. The petty things they had allowed to worry them now seemed so unimportant -ever since Sonja had been caught in the snare."

Snare means a trick or situation that deceives you or involves you in some problem you do not know about.
Snare means that Sonja risks her life and freedom every time she travels abroad, what would happen to her son if they search her luggage? Arla is not having a good moment either in her life, the police are investigating some big transactions she made, what is she hiding? We can not forget Bragi, the Customs officer in the airport, he always see a pretty woman travelling that catches his sight, it's because she is pretty or because she is hiding something?
In the beginning I was not quite sure of what to expect of this book, because I couldn't think I could understand the Sonja motives to smuggle drugs into a country, but Sonja didn't do it for money or pleasure, she has a motive, a very strong motive to risk her life every week, month... While you are reading you fill the tension inside you, because you feel that at any moment they will catch her, maybe not next time but soon, then what would happen?
This is a slow burning mystery, since the first page you know the end will not be good, will be explosive, it will not let you sleep till you arrive at the inevitable ending... be prepared.
What would you sacrifice for your loved ones?