31 March 2017

In The Sky by Wojciech Zasina

Take a look at these minimalistic Weather Icons by Wojciech Zasina, they are simple, but you can understand perfectly the meaning!

OwlHovel Animals

Take a look at these beautiful creations, they seem so real! 
They are all creations from the OwlHovel; handmade with merino wool felt, so they are soft and cute!

30 March 2017

Weiting Zhou Illustratrions

Beautiful and delicate are the illustrations from the artist Weiting Zhou, don't you like them?

Don't Close Your Eyes by Holly Seddon

Don't Close Your Eyes by Holly Seddon
Genre: Mystery, Fiction
Source: Corvus
Rating: 5/5

This is the story of Robin and Sarah, from the present with flashbacks of their childhood where their life changed forever... Remember, Don't Close Your Eyes!

"Almost right from the start of school, Robin and I acted like we had an invisible force field around each of us so we couldn't get too close. It's protection, I suppose. Some people think twins are weird and some twins are weird. They close ranks, turn away from other people and make up their own languages. We don't do any of those things."

After reading the first book Try Not To Breathe by Holly Seddon I couldn't wait to read her new one, and I am not sure which one I liked most! Try Not To Breathe will always be connected to memories of my mum and happiness, but this one has something special... is emotional, dark and absorbing, How a simple friendship could break two families?
While you are reading this book you will want to cry, shout and ask again and again, WHY? How something so simple like a friendship could end so bad?
This is not just the story of Sarah and Robin, it's the story of all the children that had seen their life changing completely without anyone on their side, their loneliness, sadness and fear that the parents should protect but that are so involved in their selves that decide to ignore them.
Robin is living her live through the windows of her house, she watches, controls and stalks all her neighbours, because is the only live she has, it's been years since she last had gone out... Now someone is searching for her, and she'd never been so scared in her life!
Sarah had everything she ever wanted; a man, a baby... but everything is falling apart and she thinks the only one who can help her is her twin sister Robin. Would Robin be the help she needs?
I was so absorbed by the story that I didn't want the book to end, I wanted to know more about Robin and Sarah's life, at the end the book seemed so short, I will miss them!
Remember, Don't Close Your Eyes!

29 March 2017

Heels by Shamekh Bluwi

Some amazing and beautiful heels created by the artist and fashion illustrator Shamekh Bluwi.
Which one is your favourite?

Where Dragonflies Hover by AnneMarie Brear - Blog Tour + Excerpt!

Where Dragonflies Hover by AnneMarie Brear
Genre: Romance
Rating: 4/5

Lexi has found her dream's home but it seems that her husband doesn't like the idea of a change... While she explores the beautiful house she finds a diary of two lovers during war time. While she reads their beautiful story she starts to re-think her life... Will her marriage be strong enough for big changes?

This is a love story from the past and mixing to the present, how you discover that loving someone is a mixing of care, trust and concessions, learning that no one is perfect, neither you!
This is a beautiful story, you will read it in one stand, the story will touch you and will make you fill loved in your heart.
I don't read a lot of stories where the main characters are strong and brave enough to face that if their partners can not understand and fulfil their needs they need to split up, even if they still love each other. So I was quite surprised to see how AnneMarie Brear has created a strong woman character that knows what she wants and needs and is ready to fight for it! Good for Lexi!
AnneMarie has created a lovely story to enjoy no matter what your mood is, because you will be enchanted on how powerful is love!
How much do you love your partner?

Interested in reading it? Here's an excerpt for you to enjoy!

Where Dragonflies Hover By AnneMarie Brear

The late sunshine enveloped the house in a golden glow. Again, it seemed to call to her, begging for attention. A path on the left of the drive looked inviting as it meandered through a small strand of poplars. Lexi grabbed her keys, locked the car and took off to explore again. She had nothing to rush home to now, and if she got caught for trespassing, then so be it.
The overgrown pathway brought her out on the far side of the grounds near the end of a small lake. She gazed over the water towards the back of the house and noticed a paved terrace area. From there the lawn then sloped down to the water. She’d not been around the back before and fell even more in love with the property. She could imagine the serenity of sipping a cool drink on a hot summer’s day and looking out over the lake.
Lexi stepped out along the bank. A lone duck swam by, its movement serene on the glassy, dark surface. This side of the lake was in shadow from large pine trees, and she stumbled on fallen pinecones hidden in the long grass. On the opposite side of the water were some small buildings, a garage, fruit trees in early blossom, and an overgrown vegetable patch, complete with a broken, rejected-looking scarecrow.
She wandered over to a narrow shed on her left and peered through its sole, dirty window. Unable to make out much in the dimness, she walked around to the front and was surprised when she was able to pull the bolt back on the door. Why didn’t people lock things? A covered rowboat took up most of the space inside. She smiled, seeing herself rowing it on the lake. Growing more excited, Lexi edged around it to peer at the workbenches and the odd assortment of tools and useless things one found in abandoned sheds. It was like treasure hunting in an antique shop. She used to love doing that with her grandfather.
She glanced about and spied a dusty painting leaning against the wall. The scene was of a child and a brown dog. Behind the canvas were more paintings, some framed, some not. Lexi flicked through them. The ones that caught her attention she took out and set aside.
She looked for somewhere to sit and study the paintings. A small tin trunk wedged under a workbench seemed the only offering. Thinking it empty, she went to tug it out, but it remained fast.
Using both hands, she heaved it out and was showered in a puff of dust. Squatting down, she inspected the latch that was held tight with a small lock. ‘Why are you locked?’ she murmured. The shed was open to anyone passing by, yet this ugly little chest had a lock on it. The trunk was nothing special, plain and in parts rusted. No ornament or writing hinted at its use.
Intrigued, she grabbed a hammer from the workbench, but then hesitated. She had no right to open someone else’s property. Lexi closed her eyes momentarily. What was she thinking of breaking into the trunk? What am I doing? Never had she broken the law and here she was guilty of trespassing and breaking and entering! She looked around the rowboat as though expecting someone to jump out and arrest her.
Something inside urged her on. She knew she couldn’t stop now. Sucking in a deep breath, she bent and hit the lock hard. The ringing sound was loud in the quiet serenity of the garden. The metal dented and with another few solid whacks the lock gave.
Shivers of excitement tingled along her skin. Gently, she eased up the lid.

28 March 2017

Stephanie Bails Illustrations

It's always a good day when the first thing you see are cute cats, don't you think?
Enjoy these original and so cute illustrations from the artist Stephanie Bails!

Gone Without Trace by Mary Torjussen - Blog Tour

Gone Without Trace by Mary Torjussen
Genre: Mystery
Rating: 4/5

When I am happy and life seems easy I think that I am just dreaming and that tomorrow I will wake up and everything will be gone; my husband, my son, my happiness... That's what happened to Hannah, she had an amazing day at work and she can not wait to arrive at home and tell her boyfriend the good news... but when she arrives he is gone, he had removed all his possessions and left the house like he never existed! Where did he go? What was he hiding?

"So if the flowers were dying this morning and fresh this evening, someone must have replaced them. And it wasn't mw, I shook my head. I knew it wasn't me. I'd been at work all day! I was sure I hadn't bought any from the supermarket. I opened my purse to find the receipt, and swore as I realised I'd thrown it in the bin as I left the shop."

Let me say something, from the first line I don't like Hanna's friends, they are selfish and don't want to help her, even when they see that Hanna doesn't want to stop searching until she talks to Matt. They just say to her to forget about it, forget that he ever existed, she spend 4 years with him; living with him, loving him... I can understand that she needs answers!
I liked this book, I've read it in a single sitting, but I am still deciding if I liked the ending... I've been reading lately a lot of books with an amazing twist at the end, and it starts to feel that you've been cheated, that the writer doesn't tell you the complete truth about the story, to make a big surprise at the end. I can not say that I didn't like it, but I am starting to get used to this final twists...!
The story in engaging, you become obsessed like Hannah to discover the truth, not eating, sleeping or working at all... until you find Matt and discover why she left you... or who's calling your house and leaving flowers and notes... maybe Matt is in danger and he needs our help!
If you are searching for a mystery book, engaging, addictive and with a couple of surprising twists, this is for you!
What secrets do you hide from your partner?

27 March 2017

Font Moods by DesignMantic

I found this infographic quite curious and certain, it shows the best fonts you use depending on your mood! Do you change your font style depending on your mood?

Font Moods: Emotions Elicited By Different Types of Fonts!

The source is Designmantic.com

Rubin Vase 3D by Mr Sci Science Factory

I am a big fan of the Mr Sci Science Factory, if you take a look you will love all their products, original, curious and always surprising. That's why when I saw this cute 3D Vase I fall in love at first sight, even without noticing who the creators were!

The Rubin Vase 3D it's the famous ambiguous two-shaped vase that depending on who looked at it can see a form or another.  Mr Sci Science Factory has created some original sticky notes based on this form, so when you open the vase (thanks to the magnets), you will have a pretty vase... and you will decide what you see, a vase or a face! ;)

26 March 2017

Guillaume Kurkdjian Creations

Some funny and original Gifs by the artist Guillaume Kurkdjian to enjoy this Sunday! ;)

Wikaniko Moringa Oil

Trying new beauty products from an unknown brand is always something scary. Would it be safe? Is it a scam? What ingredients does it contain? Where's originally made?
Thanks to Bloggers Required I had the opportunity to try the Wikaniko Moringa Oil, do you know it?

The oil comes from the Moringa Lucifera (horseradish tree maybe it will sound more familiar), produced in Spain and organically grown. You can find a lot of products using the Moringa plant; oil, pills, powder...
I've tried the oil on my skin, and it leaves the skin softer and moisturised, and the smell is veggie, just like a soft plant. It seems you can use the oil to season the food, but I have to admit I am not very adventurous in the food terms, I love olive oil!
If you are curious about the Wikaniko Moringa Oil, don't doubt to take a look at their homepage, I am sure if you have any questions regarding their products they will answer them! 
Ready for a new skin?

25 March 2017

Radio Flyer Advert

Sorry, but I found this advertiser really funny and original, take a look...

Radio Flyer, in partnership with FCB Chicago, will open the first ever travel agency for kids, Radio Flyer Adventure Travel, with actual agents helping kids find their perfect dream adventure and the Radio Flyer vehicle that will take them there. Passports, itineraries and travel essentials wall all included. Each poster was created by a different artist.

Advertising Agency: FCB, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Liz Taylor
Content & Creative Development: Todd Tilford
Creative Director: Myra Nussbaum
Associate Creative Directors: Nok Sangdee, Alice Crippa
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Grady
Designer: Mo Hy
Copywriters: Sue Salvi, Cayne Collier
Management Director of Integrated Production Services: Kerry Hill
Director of Production Operations: Julie Regimand
Management Director: Kiska Howell
Account Executive: Katie Hernandez
Senior Producer: Chris Wickman
Senior Art Buyer: Laura Laube
Senior Print Producer: Kathy Jaworsky
Traffic Manager: Jennifer Baur
Production Company: Lord + Thomas
Director: Ben Flaherty
Executive Producers: Josh Greenberg, Katie Roach
Producer: Brooke Gaston Herstein
Editorial: Lord + Thomas
Editor: Seamus Hehir
Senior Producer: Celena Mossell

The source is Ads of the World.

Kira Kira Beauty Box - March 2017

Every month I am surprised with the beauty products I find inside the Kira Kira Beauty Box, take a look at this month beauty products...

First of all, something you always have on your purse, a clear lip gloss, to moisturise your lips or use it like a top.

Having long and beautiful lashes is the dream of all the women, thanks to the Avance Lash Serum, you'll dream will be fulfilled, your lashes would be larger than Tweety! ;) (and it comes with a little bag for your make-up too!)

Rilakkuma is one of my favourite Japanese characters, and a part for leaving my skin softer and clean it was funny being a bear for a little! Do you like this funny characters masks? Have you tried any?

Who doesn't love a relaxing bath with calming extracts for the skin? Who says that doesn't love a little bit of self-pampering is lying!

I found the Hello Kitty Sicker earrings quite funny and original, would be perfect to embellish my notebook. 

I loved the Collagen Face Lotion, the texture is like water, making my skin looking bright and not leaving it (like a lot of other brands) oily. I highly recommend it.

This month, the Kira Kira had great products, maybe nothing spectacular, but useful and basic products, that I will use, as always worth it.

24 March 2017

Pixel Art by Vertibirdo

Some curious scenes created with pixels by Vertibirdo! Amazing, don't you think?

Turning Into Your Mother by Ada Adverse

It doesn't matter if you celebrate Mother's Day or not, you will just love the new book of Ada Adverse! It will make you laugh hard and re-think about all the times you thought you could do better than your mother, here is the proof that you are turning into her! ;) So be prepared to say, OMG, I am Turning Into My Mother!!
Is it good or bad? I don't know, but mine had done a lot of good things teaching me, of course some bad, who doesn't? So I just hope that I will learn how to be a good mother and not make the same errors she did! So I will enjoy this Sunday remembering her, and thinking that she would love to see me laughing with this book and thinking about her!
Enjoy this funny read, it doesn't matter if you celebrate Mother's Day, any day is good to present this book! ;) (but remember that with a good wine will be better!)
Here are some of the hilarious quotes you could find inside...