21 December 2015

Brothers Grimm's New Book by Kilian Schönberger

Third and final part of Brothers Grimm Project by the artist Kilian Schönberger. That after searching for the locations of fairytales and legends for more than twelve months he finally released a coffee-table book which features the photographs of the series.

These images are amazing! :)

Origami Cotton Table Napkins by Lollipop

Tired of the white paper napkins? 
Thanks to Lollipop, for now on you will have some original and colourful to dress your table, want to take a look?

18 December 2015

Star Wars by Stylight

Have you seen the Star Wars movie? I did! :)
But I will not share any spoiler, I just want to share with you these funny illustrations created by Stylight imagining how the fashion stars would be dressed as Star Wars characters, take a look...


Have you meet the fduptoys?
They are wooden playthings handmade in Brooklyn from trimmings by the elves! :)
They are all unique and will be the perfect companion in your office or at home, which one do you like more the Sidekick or the Superhero?

17 December 2015

Beethoven and Google

Have you seen the cute doodle Google has created today for Beethoven?
You will help Beethoven to recover all his sheet music to allow him to play his famous music for you!

City Letters by Lucy Loves This

Take a tour in your favourite cities with these cute City Letters by Lucy Loves This. They are a perfect gift to decorate your home! :)

15 December 2015

Gifs of Everyday Objects by Feliks Konczakowski

Take a look at these original everyday objects gifs created by the artist Feliks Konczakowski! :)

The New Mrs D. by Heather Hill and Giveaway!

The New Mrs D. by Heather Hill
Genre: Chic Lit
Source: CLP Blog Tours
Rating: 3/5

Mrs. Bernice Annabel Dando is enjoying her honeymoon in Greece, the only difference between her and the other couples is that she has left her new and shiny husband two days after the wedding! Will the amazing Greek island and their people give her the strength to be herself again and confront her "lovely husband"?

"There is a word in the Greek language for which there is no English equivalent. It is 'Meraki' and it means 'doing something with soul, creativity or love - when you put something of yourself into what are you doing"

This is a self-improvement book, how Bernie with some funny situations face her dreams and tries to reconquer her life!
A funny and quick read to up your mood this Christmas! :)

Links to buy The New Mrs D; Amazon UKAmazon US and Paperback.
And if you visit CLP Blog Tour, you will enter to an Amazon gift card! :)

14 December 2015

Star Wars Facebook Stickers

Are you waiting for the Star Wars film?
Thanks to Facebook, the wait will be less painful with these cute Star Wars stickers!
You can download the for free here! :)

Super Cute Box - November 2015

If you are trying to find an original month subscription, you will find a lot of different choices, but maybe not all of them are the ones that suit you...
This month I want to show you the "Super Cute Box Club", an original box full of cute surprises! Take a look at what was inside my first box...

This perfect gloves, colourful but warm, great for the winter!

I love these two Christmas cards, I am sure they will put a smile in any of my friends face.

Do you like my new cake toppers Christmas decorations?

I can not say I don't love all types of stationery, I will use them with my Christmas wrapping!

This heart lights will put my home in the Christmas mood! :)

My favourite thing in this box is this little tree light, you can have it in your bag, bedroom... but I am sure it will always make you happy! 

Inside there was too this little bear charm... so cute!

I liked the products inside my box, and you? What new surprises will come in the next shipment?

11 December 2015

The 12 dogs of Christmas by Pet365

There's not just 12 days of Christmas, they are the 12 dogs too, take a look! :)

12 Dogs of Christmas

Holiday Tags by Sanae Ishida

If you are searching for beautiful tags for this Christmas presents, you may have to take a look at the Sanae Ishida designs, they are lovely and you can download them for free to use in your presents! :)

10 December 2015

The more paper you waste, the less space they have by WWF

Another advert from WWF to make you think of all the wasted paper we use...

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Indonesia
Chief Creative Officer: Kike Gutierrez
Associate Creative Director: Felicia Hutabarat
Art Director: Wilson Ariyaduta
Copywriter: Putriani Mulyadi
Digital Imaging: Kupi Arif

A Game For All The Family by Sophie Hannah

A Game For All The Family by Sophie Hannah
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Source: bookbridgr
Rating: 5/5

Justine Merrisson and all her family has moved to Devon, and everything seems idyllic till Justine starts receiving some anonymous threatening calls calling her Sandie... Her daughter Elle' best friend, George Donavand, has been expelled from school, a pupil that the head teacher says that it doesn't exist.. And if that is not enough Justine finds a story where her daughter creates a murder based in their new home!
Justine's world starts to break in pieces... could she be able to discover the truth behind the phone calls? About the mysterious Elle's new friend? Or will the murder try to kill her before?
Start reading this spider web before the spider tries to catch you!

"'You're still there, in the house. You're not going to make this easy for either of us, are you?'
'Hello crazy stranger. Alex, it's that crazy stranger I was telling you about. She's got my mobile number too - isn't that fantastic?'
'Three empty graves,' says the unidentified voice. 'One smaller that the other two.'
'I beg your pardon?' My heart thuds like a bullet hitting bone.
'Two for a mummy and a daddy, one for a child.'

Sophie Hannah's books are like a good whiskey, you have to smell, savour and swallow, do not read them in just one sip, because then you will not enjoy the complete story inside the book!
This is the first standalone book of Sophie Hannah, but not my first one. As always there's more behind the story you know in the beginning, making the book quite complex but in the same time, everything fits perfectly in your mind.
I was interested in the mysterious crime that Ellen writes about the house they are living, is just fiction or is based in a past murder? Like in all Sophie Hannah's books, there's always something more, something the reader must discover while is untangling the story, something very important but that if you don't pay attention it will be lost till the end of the book.
That's why I love so much Sophie's books, they are never a normal mystery, you always have to make your own dissertations while you are reading to discover the truth!
What truth lies behind the lies?

9 December 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens by John Holcroft

Can you guess all the characters of this Star Wars illustration from the artist John Holcroft?

The source is Vue Cinema.

iRing Stylus by Kikkerland

If you are searching for something curious but useful, with Kikkerland you'll always find the perfect match.

This time I want to introduce you the iRing Stylus, is not just a curious but a stylish ring, and a useful stylus for your smartphone or tablet! And even you can choose your ring size! :)