30 November 2014

Teka: Jewelry

Are you ready to wear your household appliances?
Take a look at the Teka jewellery! :)

Advertising Agency: Fogel Ogilvy, Tel Aviv, Israel

Plantillo Decorative Pillows

Bring the Outdoors in...

These are the most amazing pillows I have seen, they are like the original plants!
Take a look at the Plantillo designs...

29 November 2014

Kicking Cones Art

Enjoy these funny illustrations from the artist Katrina Constantine, they are so cute! :)

We Are MacMIllan + Boots

It's sad, but we are in a moment where everyone knows someone in their surroundings who has or had cancer. It' seems that we still don't have a cure for this disease, so every help is welcomed.
We Are MacMillan it's a charity organisation that support everyone with cancer in their life, no matter if you know someone who is ill or you are the one affected, they are there if your need help or just to talk.
I want to share this Christmas decoration, it's a cute Gingerbread, it costs only 2£ (Boots) but you will be making a donation to We Are MacMillan, to improve the lives of everyone living with cancer.

Or you can simply donate here.

28 November 2014

Encyclopedia of Pasta by Chasing Delicious

Want to be an expert with pasta?
This chart will explain all pasta secrets... you can buy it at Chasing Delicious! :)

Superhero Capes by Lane Huerta

All the children dream about superheroes, with these amazing capes you will make their dreams come true. 
The lovelane is the dream of any child, don't doubt to take a look at their powerful capes! :)


27 November 2014


Gifs by GIFMK! :)

But I Said Forever by Jennifer Gilby Roberts

But I Said Forever by Jennifer Gilby Roberts
Genre: Chic-Lit
Source: Library Thing
Rating: 3/5

Brittany has the "perfect" marriage, an attractive husband, a big house, a little son and a lot of money. But her life is not as perfect as it seems; her husband is never at home, she feels lonely in the big house, her son Jame is too little to talk and the money doesn't help with the solitude. So she decides to search for a job... and this will be the start or the end of her "perfect life".

"I try to imagine telling my dad that Phillip and I were divorcing. He'd be absolutely crushed. Worse still, I don't think he'd ever understand why I'd done it. All he'd see is that I'd thrown away everything he'd ever want me to have. That is, if he didn't just have a heart attack and die from the shock. I get a stab if resentment in my gut. Why couldn't we just have lived happily ever after? That's what's supposed to happen when you marry Prince Charming, isn't it?"

"It turns out Prince Charming was an evil wizard in disguise, but since I've signed the magic scroll he owns me."

I choose to read this book because it was appealing to read how a couple progress in their life after the "big wedding".
I know the moral thing that if you are married, no matter what, you have to stay married. For me it's an inconcebible thing, if you don't love anymore your husband or if you don't trust him anymore you don't have to continue being married. It's always your choice.
But I could understand that Brittany comes from a world where the divorce is not allowed, so you have to stay strong on you divorce decision, knowing that maybe your friends and family will not accept it. So this is the Brittany's problem, she had to decide if she wants to follow her head or her heart. Sometimes a difficult decision, don't you think?
This is a funny story where you will learn to cook and accept that sometimes you will need a lot of patience with your friends, maybe they make their decisions wrong, but they try to make the best for you. You know that when one door closes, another opens...
Ready to try the wedding cake?

26 November 2014

Lips by Christo Dagorov

These illustrations from Christo Dagorov are not just only lips, they have more to share...

Pop a Ball - Bursting Bubbles Lychee

Have you ever tried any smoothie?
The Pop a Ball, are a way to mix different fruits but better, because the bubbles explode in your mouth! You could try mixing it with any juice or cocktail... or anything you want, of course!

You will be drinking your juice with a straw while a bubble will melt in your mouth mixing both flavours. My first try was with the orange juice and I love it! :)

25 November 2014

Shangai Tango

Enjoy the humor of Shangai Tango! :)

The Whispers by Lisa Unger

The Whispers by Lisa Unger
Genre: Paranormal
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

This is a short story, after a fatal car accident in which only Eloise Montgomery and her younger daughter Amanda survived, they  try to grieve the death of Alfie (the father/husband) and Emily (daughter/sister). But accepting the death is not easy and forgive the responsible of the accident is even less. So, start having visions will not help Eloise at all!

""The whispers?" asked Eloise. Oh, she wanted to take that girl in her arms, It was a deep and powerful ache, but she kept her distance.
Emily nodded sagely. "Yes," she said. "The Whispers. Not everyone can hear them, you know."
"What I am supposed to do?" Eloise asked. She didn't mean to sound sad and peevish, helpless. But she did. And she didn't mean just about The Whispers. She meant everything. "Emily, tell me. What I am supposed to do?"
Emily smiled-her funny, crooked, one that was always just for Eloise.
"All you have to do is listen""

It's interesting how both of the protagonists try to lead the dead in their own ways, but I am really curious how they will coexist with Eloise "visions" and if they will help all of them. I will have to read the next novel of Lisa Unger; The Burning Girl, to know more...
So... do you hear the Whispers?

24 November 2014

Animal Food by Sarah DeRemer

Is a fruit or an animal?
This is the appealing art of Sarah DeRemer! :)

Classic Books by Tomoko Takeda

These art books are made from some more art books. Take a look at the Tomoko Takeda work...

 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

 The Little Prince

I am a cat
Natsume Soseki

Deux Ans de Vacances

23 November 2014

Things to do with a Cat! by Maple Kind

Some funny Things to do with a Cat! :) By Maple Kind

Peanuts Movie 2015

Have you seen the trailer of the most expected film for next year?
Yes! A Peanuts Movie with Charlie Brown and Snoopy! We will have to wait a year... but we can watch the trailer while we wait! :)

And here the trailer... :)