31 October 2014

Wine Cheese Pairing by Match My Wine

I love cheese, but I never know how to pair it with wine... I found this simple wheel that helps me enjoying the cheese with the best wine!

The source is Match My Wine.

Candy Corn Papertoys by Dew Muffins

The last post of Halloween for this year! :)
It's a creative one! To make these sweet Candy Corn with your favourite spooky character. You must take a look at all the designs at Dew Muffins.

The Witch...

The Rainbow...

The Mummy...

29 October 2014

Paper Alphabet by Digitprop

I love this Alphabet! It's easy to make and a funny way to learn the Alphabet!

You can download the Digitprop alphabet templates here! :)

L'Occitane en Provence

Take a look at this amazing present from L'Occitane en Provence, all the daily beauty products in travel size! They smell so good...

First of all, the Milk Extra-Gentle Soap, to clean my hands. Helps to preserve the skin natural moisture balance.

My favourite product, the Shea Butter Hand Cream, every time I use it my hands seem younger and hydrated!

The Amande Shower Oil it cleans and softens your skin.

The Verbena Shampoo cleanses your hair without irritating the scalp, it has a lemon sweet smell!

And the little chocolate it was an amazing additional gift! :)

28 October 2014

The Art of Will Gay

I love the work of Will Gay, with a simple gesture he transmits tenderness and love, don't you think so?

Wicked Ways by Lisa Jackson & Nancy Bush

Wicked Ways by Lisa JacksonNancy Bush
Genre: Paranormal Thriller, Romance
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

Who would you like to kill if you had the power to kill?
Elizabeth Gaines Ellis has a big problem, all the people she had troubles, die. A policeman, her boss and now her husband; is she wicked?
She's afraid to discover what's really happening, but the police will be happy to arrest her for the unsolved murders if she doesn't figure it out.
Ravinia Rutledge wants to find her half sister, but without money or resources she will need some help. Would the detective Rex Kingston believe her strange stories and help her?
You will have to read Wicked Ways to know it! :)
"Elizabeth's mind was starting to wander into dangerous areas again. You wished him dead... just like you wished bad things on Mazie... just like you wished ill on that other cop, Officer Unfriendly... and they both died too... But how could thoughts kill?"
"I know there are others working against you, I've heard them, seen them, sensed them. But don't worry, we'll take them out together, one by one. I'm right behind you, love. Your saviour, your soldier..."

Knowing that you can kill with just your thoughts has to be really scary, because if you have a bad day all your loved ones can be dead for your "happy" thoughts. That's one of Elizabeth problems... but she can predict some disasters before they happen too... and the police investigates her for the murder of her husband… so, in summary, it's not the best time in Elizabeth's life. To top it off, the people around her have some dark secrets and they are not willing to help her... so is she ready to face the truth?
If you want to enter in the Siren Song; a wicked place where only women can walk in, prepare for darkness, fear, hope and love.
Ready to be wicked?

27 October 2014

Miniature Calendar

I love these little photos, they show us every day items with lovely dioramas. There's a new Miniature Calendar every day! 
Take a look at my favourite calendar days...

Design vs Cancer

Design vs Cancer was established to help families with financial assistance during their fight against ALL types of cancer as well as helping stop cancer at the source by supporting cancer research.

Take a look at Design vs Cancer prints, they try to win founds for the cancer research, want to help them?

26 October 2014

Disney Halloween Charms by Disney

Make this cute little Disney charms for this Halloween!

It's really easy, you just need 30 minutes. Print them on a shrink paper; cut your favourites and put them in the oven. Remember to make a hole on them before the oven.

You have all the instructions and the pattern here... Enjoy! :)

Ray-Ban Aviator Family Artworks by Viktor Hertz

These pictogram portraits were a part of Ray-Ban's 'Aviator Family' campaign (#AviatorFamily).

So, which of these pictograms created by Victor Hertz is your perfect portrait? :)

25 October 2014

Super Cereals T-shirts by Bamboota

Are you searching a funny and original t-shirt for this Christmas?
Take a look at the Super Cereals designs by Bamboota, you will love them! :)

Halloween Monsters by Xavi Teruel

Are you preparing your Halloween?
This "scary" monsters will be a good decoration in your home, don't you think so?
The Halloween Monsters are created by Xavi Teruel.