30 September 2014

Lost Legacy by Annette Dashofy

Lost Legacy by Annette Dashofy
Genre: Mystery, Suspense
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Deputy Coroner Zoe Chamber received an incident report, a farm accident. She found a male body hanging from a rope, was it a suicide? In the beginning it seemed so, he had lung cancer, but after finding a letter in his belongings addressed to Kimberly, Zoe's mother, she started having questions about her father's car accident 27 years ago.
The police chief department, Pete Adams was not sure whether it was an easy case or not, specially after another attempted murder. He had to deal with a broken feet, his father who was not who he was in the past and some strong feelings for Zoe Chambers.

""Hi Paulette. Is Franklin available?" "He's in his office." The woman smiled at Harry. "Is this business? We have a wonderful preplanning program". Zoe choked, sneaking a glance at Harry. "Not that kind of business. This is Harry Adams. Chief Adam's dad." Paulette took his hand. "Lovely to meet you. I could give you a brochure about our services if you're interested." Harry scowled at her. "No thanks." Zoe bustled him down the hall before Franklin's secretary could launch further into her sales pitch. "Do I like I'm ready to kick the bucket?" Harry whispered. "Not at all. Business must be slow." "I can't imagine why. People are dyin' to get into places like this.""

Starting a saga on the second book is not always easy, you may miss some important information about the characters or the case. In this second book, the Zoe Chambers Mystery Series you could understand all the reactions of the principal characters, and you wonder what will be next! You will like to walk in the neighbourhood, tell Zoe that having her mother at home for her holidays is not the best for her health; help them in their farms, but not before they discover what is happening!
You will love this mystery book, it has everything; dead, bullets, missing persons, humour and a little bit of love! ;)

Photomanipulation by Akşam Gunesi

Enjoy these Photomanipulations from the artist Akşam Gunesi, they are amazing! :)

29 September 2014

Minimalist Posters Illustrating Famous Movie Quotes by Jay Quann

Enjoy these quotes from some of my favourite movie films! They are created by Jay Quann but you can take a look at all of them at Design Your Way.

Underground Collection by Kirkby Design

Kirkby Design have collaborated with Transport for London to recreate five iconic moquette designs taken from the London Transport Museum archive.

I had the chance to touch and feel some of these amazing designs at the Designjunction in London, and I want to share with you the story beneath some of these designs, take a look...

Here are some images from the brochure, enjoy!

28 September 2014

Booktitles by Hugleikur Dagsson

It's sunday, so I always try to find some jokes to put a smile on your faces.
Today I found these curious jokes about some famous books, I really love them.
You can purchase some of them at Daggson, but almost all of them are sold out...

Limited Edition Spiced Pumpkin by The Collective Dairy

I have to admit it, I can live without the Collective yoghurts, they are amazing.

Yesterday at last, I found the new special edition, the Spiced Pumpkin. It's sweet, but you can taste the orange and the cinnamon. You will love it! :)

Like I always say, this is not a yoghurt, It's the Yoghurt!

27 September 2014

Sweeety 2014

After a long time without updating my Etsy shop, in the next few days I will be uploading a few of my new "creations"... I hope you like them! :)

Manimals by Adam Spizak

The series depicts some majestic animals in the form of mythic or historic creatures. Fathers of creation, keepers of light: Wisdom, Strenght and Memory.

Enjoy the these amazing creatures, created by Adam Spizak.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone

Escape the everyday along the windswept shore.
Waves breaking white, the air fresh with sea salt and spray.
Alive with the mineral  scenet of the rugged cliffs.
Mingling with the woody earthiness of sage.
Lively, spirited and totally joyful.

If you want to have a peaceful day, you might wan to try the new Jo Malone scent; Wood Sage and Sea Salt.
You can request your sample here, but I can advance you will love it! :)
It's perfect to boost you with energy!

26 September 2014

Beauté Sauvage by Nabil Nezzar

I love these amazing illustrations from the artist Nabil Nezzar! :)

Animals extracted from their natural environments and placed in a clear white space

to dissect their most beautiful patterns.

Strata Installation by Steuart Padwick and Jess Shaw

Sometimes finding the perfect decoration for your home is a little bit difficult... you don't find anything that fits perfectly at your needs.
This year at the Tent London I saw the Strata Installation, an amazing combination of sculpture and lights made my Steuart Padwick with the collaboration of Jess Shaw.
With daylight, you feel like you are surrounded by flowers, by night you are seeing some brilliant stars in the sky...

25 September 2014

Prime Deception by Carys Jones

Prime Deception by Carys Jones
Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Romance
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

The suicide of a 22 years old woman is not big news, unless she had an affair with the Deputy Prime Minister, Charles Lloyd. Charles doesn't know how to face his job after ending the affair with her intern Lorna, but after her suicide, everything seems more tedious and unbearable for him.
After the appearance of Lorna's twin sister, Laurie, he will have to face that, perhaps, Lorna didn't commit suicide, that maybe she was murdered...

"Heavy is the head which wears the crown,' his mother had said to him warningly when he had told her of his decision to accept the position of Deputy Prime Minister. It was a rare moment when she had spoken her mind to him. Usually, she kept herself in the background when it came to these sorts of decisions, leaving the men to plan out the future of the family. 'I'm not trying to be a king, mother,' Charles had joked. 'You know what I mean,' she had said stubbornly, her always quiet voice till barely above a whisper. 'I just don't want you to end up unhappy.'"

Introduce yourself in a world where everything is based on appearances, making something for pleasure is not allowed and least of all, is falling in love with a much younger intern.
In this book you will feel the lost of Lorna from two different perspectives, Laurie and Charles.
Laurie cannot understand why her twin sister killed herself, as a consequence she stops talking to her family and moves to London to investigate. She will have to go through some really tough moments to understand the last months of her sister's life...
Charles just stops living with the suicide notice, cannot eat or concentrate in his job. However, with Laurie's obstinacy to know what had happened to Lorna, he will have to take some really difficult decisions, maybe changing his life forever.
What would you do to maintain your status?

Back To School by Mini-Eco

Some new and lovely templates to make your "return to school" better from Mini-eco! :)
Don't doubt to download the templates! :)

24 September 2014

The Art of Sandwiches by Jeremy & Gabrielle

Another design project from Kickstarter, this time I want to show you how amazing these Sandwiches are...

You still have time to pledge for this campaign!

Cold Brew Coffee by Sandow's London

Have you tried the most refreshing coffee in the UK?
The Cold Brew Coffee it's slow brewed with cold water and triple filtered, and you have to drink it very, very cold!

It's a little bit sweeter than the normal coffee, but if you like sweet you will need sugar! ;)
I have bought one bottle in one of their stockists, and enjoyed in my trip at home! 

23 September 2014

Dogs Of The World by Lili Chin

Lili Chin has created some curious illustrations showing some of the most famous dog breeds and where they came from. Here is only a preview...

Of course the cats... :)