30 September 2013

Stanley Chow Illustration Characters

I found really original these Illustration Characters from Stanley Chow.
You can buy all of them at Stanley Chow Print Shop.

Nākd Bars

Have you tried the new snack bars from Nākd?

I've seen a lot of advertising during my stay in London, so I couldn't wait to buy one snack bar and try if they are really as good as they are saying.
My first problem in the shop was to decide which flavour try first, they have to many! So I picked up the Cashew Cookie Bar (but I had in my hands too the Caffe Mocha Bar and the Pecan Pie Bar).
The Cashew Cookie Bar it contains just cashews and dates, there are no sugary syrups or artificial preservatives and with gluten and wheat free!
I like the bar, it only contains dates and cashew nuts! But it seemed too big I wish there were smaller packages.

Now all I have to do is taste all the other flavours to see if they are as good as this! :)

28 September 2013

Tales You Lose by Andre Levy

I would love to receive one of these coins on a shop after buying something!
There are a lot more in the Andre Levy homepage, take a look...

Heroes of a Lifetime by Miguel Coelho

A series of posters dedicated to the personalities that influenced the artist Miguel Coelho.
Some of them are really interesting...!

27 September 2013

26 September 2013

What music does to your brain? by Cinismoilustrado

What music do you listen?
This is a funny infographic created by Cinismoilustrado to show you what could make to you every kind of music on your brain...

Colgate Max White One + Nails Inc. Red Nail Polish

Do you want to have a bright smile?

The Colgate MaxWhite One it safely removes stains and prevents tartar build-up to help your teeth become one shade whiter in just one week.

And if you buy it now you can have a free limited edition nail polish from Nails Inc!

Now I'll pick always the red, don't you?

25 September 2013

DIY Starbucks Holiday Recipes

Want to make your own hot drinks at home this winter?
Try all these recipes from Starbucks! :)

Lauden Chocolate

A good chocolate is always welcome with my coffee, like the Lauden Chocolates.
Lauden chocolates won some Great Taste awards, and I could assure you they are fantastic!

I've tried the Marc Champagne; an indulgent classic made with real Marc de Champagne

The Single Origin; 64% cocoa bean from Madagascar.

The Passion Fruit; 100% real passion fruit combined with chocolate.

And of course, my favourite, the Salted Caramel; Fleur de Sal from the French ocean brings to life the sweetness of the homemade caramel.

24 September 2013

Avengers Cats by Jenny Parks

The cats can be superheroes too! :)
Take a look at the Avengers Cats by Jenny Parks.

R1 Fireflow by Mathmos

How many times have you seen a lava lamp and spend hours looking at the bubbles?
Now, you can have a small rocket lava lamp just using tea lights thanks to Mathmos.

Fireflow R1 is a small retro metal rocket lava lamp, inspired by the 40th anniversary of the moon landings this year.
I've choose the blue colour...
I love it! :)

22 September 2013

Am-Kawaii Edibles by Amelia Little

If you have these Am-Kawaii Edibles, would you eat them?
All the designs are from Amelia Little!

Philografics by Genis Carreras

Thanks to Kickstarter I've discovered a curious project called Philographics by Genis Carreras.

The project consists in a series of 95 beautiful designs explaining philosophy using simple colors and shapes.
Here are some of my favourites... :)