12 July 2013


I'll be on holidays next week!
Hope you all have a goo summer! :)

10 July 2013

Vogue UK Easter Egg

Thanks to Geek in Heels I've discovered a curious Easter Egg in the Vogue UK online magazine!
If you go to the homepage and enter: up up, down down, left, right, left, right, b, a, enter
You'll find something curious...

These were the ones I get... and you?

William Shakespeare's Star Wars by Ian Doescher

A new and curious version of Star Wars with a William Shakespeare view...

The original idea is from Ian Doescher.

Here you can read a preview...
Or view the Video preview too! :)

9 July 2013

Cars and Films by Jesus Prudencio

How many of these cars can you recognize?
They are all from famous films!
The original idea it's from Jesus Prudencio.

Fluorescent Palace

Fluorescent Palace was designed to create a work that understands the desire for current and exciting imagery for home and work spaces. Behind these works is a mission to create sexy, high-concept art that offers a fresh vibe and bright energy to flow through each room. 


8 July 2013

Superman Costumes by Gus Santone

Yesterday I saw the new superman movie, Man Of Steel, and to say the truth I've found it a bit boring. 
I think it brings nothing new to the original Superman story...

But this post it's not for talking about the film... it's to share with you these cute Superman Papertoys from Gus Santone!

Gift Wrapping Books by The Pepin Press

I always love to make things with paper like origami, wrapping presents... but I but did not know that there were books with wrapping paper! I was amazed when I discovered the Gift Wrapping books collection of The Pepin Press!

Every book it cointains 12 large sheets of high-quality paper of different themes.
I had great trouble deciding which book to buy, because every book it contains a different theme and I love all the prints they had!

At the end I choose the Floral Print design, all the pages are full of colour and variety!

But now that I had take a look at the Pepin Press bookshop I want to buy them all!

7 July 2013

The Big Bang Theory Vinyl Toys by Funko

How many times have you seen the tv serie The Big Bang Theory?
I've seen a lot of merchandising from this serie, but the cutest I've seen are these Vinyl Toys from Funko. Take a look! :)

Watercolor Map

I know you have seen your city map a lot of times, but I'm sure you haven't seen it in watercolor!
Take a look at this original web, maps.stamen and be amazed to find any city you search in watercolor! :)



New York

Urban Decay : A Conceptual Typeface by Jason Ramirez

Based on the phenomenon of urban decay within the modern city-structure, the glyphs within this typeface -- A through Z and 0 through 9 -- are composed of naturally-occuring cracks found in various sidewalks throughout New York City.
This original project it's from Jason Ramirez.