31 March 2013

Sweeety Glass Broches

After a few months without making any new products, I want to share with you my new Sweeety creations...

Now I'm working with glass, in a few weeks you'll see more new things! :)

Private Moon by Leonid Tishkov

What will you do if you'll have your own Private Moon?
The Russian artist Leonid Tishkov shared some photos of these moments... :)

30 March 2013

Giant Lipstick by Agne Kisonaite

Just a Giant Lipstick... with all the lipsticks you'll need all of your life! Created by Agne Kisonaite.

Naked Silhouette Alphabet by Anastasia Mastrakouli

A diferent kind of Alphabet by Anastasia Mastrakou.

The source is Designboom.

Bookplates by Mac and Ninny

Do you love books?
Mac and Ninny believe that if you love your books you should label them, and make sure you get them back (if you lend them out), by badging them with one of our beautiful bookplates.
I've find these original pencils to label my favourites books... which is your favourite label?

29 March 2013

Hanemusi Art

These illustrations by Hanemusi are amazing! :)

Liberty London Scarves

Have you take a look at the new season scarves from Liberty London?
I've never could decide which one to buy, I love them all!
This week I've received the mail with the new summer products, and I would like to share with you the original ways to wear them and the new prints...

The Lady Bow Tie, with a small silk square...

The Perfect Pin-Up, with classic sized square...

The Knotted Western, when wrapping isn't enough...

The Boho Headband, give long scarves a twist...

27 March 2013

Music Posters by Vahalla Studios

Some Music Posters of my favourite groups all of them created by Valhalla Studios! :)

Very Colourfoil Manicure by Ciaté

I have it! After two months of waiting , I have in my hands the new Ciaté product!

It's the Kaleidoscopic Klash, the set comes complete with a Ciaté pro formula paint pot, Foil Fix glue and metallic ‘Colourfoil’ sheets in six spectacular foiled shades. 

Want to take a look at the original results?

It takes a while to make your nails perfect, but the result is amazing! :)

26 March 2013

Yoga Shelter Ad

Have you ever tried to learn yoga?
This original ad from Yoga Shelter will show you all the steps...

Dr. Who Cubeecraft Templates by CyberDrone

As you may have seen, I post some things of Dr. Who all of them are to honour my friends, they love the serie! 
If you, like me don't know very much the serie, just try to make the Tardis, it's original and easy to make!

But if you are a good Dr Who fan, don't doubt to take a look at the CyberDrone deviantart, you'll have all the characters ready to you!

Malt Easter by Maltesers

Ready to enjoy the chocolate rabbit by Maltesers?

It's the Malt Easter, a milk chocolate bunny with a crunchy and cream Maltesers center! :)

And the yummy ear... :)

25 March 2013

Beach Babe by Not Your Mothers

Do you miss the summer?

Now everyday can be a day at the beach... with the Beach Babe has everyone fooled into thinking you just left the beach. It adds sexy, tousled waves and a lite matte finish to any hair type. Infused with natural dead sea salt & sea kelp this salon formula has you and your hair on the boardwalk all year long.
Here's a video to show the application...

Katt Fran Illustration

Some illustration recipes by Katk Fran... just to make you a little bit hungry! :)

24 March 2013

Easter Egg Terrariums By The House That Lars Built

I've seen some amazing chocolate eggs this Easter, but to say the truth, my favourite one is these Terraiums, there are easy to make if you just follow the steps of the page The House That Lars Built.

Materials: clear plastic eggs (again, got mine from Smith's but I also saw a giant version--about 4" tall-- at Michaels), moss, dirt, gold spray (optional)
Step 1: Spray the colored egg part gold. Wait 24 hours to dry properly.
Step 2: Insert a bit of wet dirt into the bottom of the egg filling about 1/3.
Step 3: Add a bit of moss on top.
Step 4: Dig your wire flower into the dirt.