31 January 2013

Brown Dog Paper - Greeting Cards

Some funny cards created by Brown Dog Paper! :)

Origami Lamp

I love create all the staff of my home, I think it's more personal and unique to decorate!

The Origami Lamp, created by Belt+Sund table lamp is made from a single sheet of metal. It is folded into shape by hand, with indentations indicating the pattern. Even the lamp-holder itself is precut and only needs to be folded up. Subsequently the electrical components and light fixtures are inserted, before the lamp’s folding process is finished.
Aside from the folding pattern, the surface coating is of utmost importance. The tight bends of up to 180 degrees require a very withstanding finish that does not break during the folding process.
The assembly of the lamp only takes 5 minutes. It comes in various colors and can be combined with different kinds of textile cables. energy efficient LEDs serve as lighting fixtures.

30 January 2013

A Sandwich For Every Day of the Month

Do you have problems choosing you sandwich complements?
With this infographic from SlowRobot you'll never have more problems, because there are 30 kinds of sandwiches! :)

Lego Avatar

Ready to personalize your own Lego Avatar?
With this little beta application you can! :)

One Thousand Ksoids by Danil Krivoruchko

One Thousand Ksoids Project is an experiment on procedural generation of huge amount unique characters based on relatively small amount of creation rules.Created by Danil Krivoruchko.

29 January 2013

How to Home Brew by Ganesha Balunsat

Ready to make your own beer on your home?
With the infographic of Ganesha Balunsat you only have to follow the steps! :)

Pony Collectable Coins by Akili Amethyst

The story says some coins give you luck during your life, that's my thought when I think about the original Pony coin created by Akili Amethyst in Kickstarter.

This design is inspired by the Stations of Awakening" from the game Kingdom of Hearts. This design in particular features the Equestrian Princess of the Sun, Celestia. In the background is the capital city of Canterlot, in which she resides. Symbols of daytime surround her, as well as her sister, Luna, the pony most important to her.

Also inspired by the "Stations of the Awakening" from the game Kingdom of Hearts. This design in particular features the Equestrian Princess of the Night, Luna. Symbols of the night surround her. In particular the bats were inspired by her unique cloak, which dissolves into the winged creatures for an extra-dramatic entrance. Also, featured in the design is her older sister, Celestia, who is the pony most important to her.

With the Celestia's side (real gold!), and silver on Luna's side (real nickel!).

28 January 2013

Book Sculptures by Jodi Harvey-Brown

The books that we love to read should be made to come to life.  Characters, that we care so much for, should come out of the pages to show us their stories.  What we see in our imaginations as we read should be there for the world to see.  The book sculptures created by Jodi Harvey-Brown are a way of making stories come alive.  
These are my favourites... :)

The source is Toxel.

WishLamp Flower

When you are moving to a new home, you always search for new decorations but you never find the perfect one you are searching... while when you don't want anything you find too much to buy!
The past september, while I was in the Tent London, I've found the original WishLamp Flower where you can ask for a dream every time you open the light! :)
Are you ready to make your dreams come true?

26 January 2013

Dogs as Fonts by Grafisches Büro

What is your favorite dog?
With your dog you can find your font type thanks to Grafisches Büro! :)

The source is Design Milk.

Money Saver by Sebastian Bergne

When you are living in a new house, in the first days you search for the perfect things to decorate. Searching on the net, I've found this original artwork from Sebastian Bergne. You not only have an original art decoration, you have too a money saver! :)