27 September 2012


On the next days I'll be on Holidays in Italy, so I'll not be updating my blog... but I'll return with more original products in the early october! :)

26 September 2012

Dennis Parren CMYK Lamp

In the pas few days I've been in London searching for new and inspiring products to show you!
One of the most that has amazed me it's these original lamps created by Dennir Parren.
It's called CMYK and emits a tree of light interrupted by iron. This causes a separation between the colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black).

Dare to Glow by Yves Saint Laurent

Are you ready to glow this autumn?
With Dare to Glow by Yves Saint Laurent you'll have natural-looking shimmer on the skin. It has an ultra-fresh gel texture that leaves skin soft and iridescent and it's enriched with optical mother-of-pearl particles.
You can choose between 3 shades; Tempting Gold (for a golden ray of light), Fatal Red (for a dark, warm ray of light) and Naughty Pink (for a cool, rosy ray of light).
I've choose the Fatal Red and I put it on my lips to make it shine too! :)

25 September 2012

Famous Capsules by Grégoire GUILLEMIN

How many of these characters created by Grégoire Guillemin do you recognize?

De Zeen Watchstore

I have the same watch for 5 years and I like it very much, but I couldn't stand to take a look at differents models!
I've found all of these original watch at De Zeen Watchstore, but they are all from different designers:
Cyclops, by Crispin Jones of cult London Brand Mr Jones Watches, dispenses with a conventional arrangement of hour, minute and second hands; instead a single hour marker passes around the coloured dial. Each hour is represented by a different coloured circle, the black hoop gradually passes over each circle to indicate the time.

Proton is the latest in the collection of timepieces by Hong Kong brand Ziiiro. Proton tells the time using two transparent coloured disks that move over each other as time passes. The appearance of the face changes as the yellow minute disk overlays the blue hour disk to create a green colour.

VOID V02 steel bracelet by Hong Kong watch brand VOID is designed by David Ericsson. The watch features a metal strap made of stainless steel links. The rectangular watch case only reveals half of the traditional circular watch face. To compensate for this the hour and minute hands are double ended, each having one red tip and one white tip that correspond to red and white numerals on the display. It takes a bit of getting used to but it’s a great conversation starter!

Mutewatch, as the name suggests, is a discreet alarm watch. The timepiece conceals a clock, alarm and timer in a digital touchscreen face so the numbers are only visible at the touch of the wearer. The touchscreen face removes all need for dials and buttons: wake the screen with a touch then swipe sideways to scroll between functions.

24 September 2012

Typography by Tarka

The artist Tarka wants to create an original and amazing typography every month.
These are the first ones...

Clothes with Galaxy Prints

I love see photos of the galaxy with all the planets and stars and these clothes steale my heart!
You can choose between these Pencil Skirts... 

Some original Shift Dresses...

Or some Print Leggings!

But if these clothes are too much for you, you can always get this Iphone case! :)


All of these curious product you can find it in Chicwish.

23 September 2012

22 September 2012

Anja Bührer Photography

They are a little grey but the photos of Anja Bührer are amazing! :)

Miss Patisserie

One of my favourite dessert are the Cupcakes, but these one aren't to eat, they are perfect to relax you with a little of music and soft lights!.
In the Miss Patisserie you can find...
A Lemon Twist, that has an aroma of lemon and pear which is a gorgeous summery combo.

The Lily From the Valleys, straight from the heart of Wales, Lily from the Valleys contains the essential oil Neroli which is also known as 'Orange Blossom'. It helps soothe and relax the body as well as lift the spirit so even though this little cupcake is small, it's very big into helping you unwind!

There's too La Vie en Rose, this elegant cupcake is our most luxurious bath treat as it contains pure essential oils of lavender and rose. Perfect for those who need to unwind and want a bit of indulgence!

And the most curious... the Weding Bomb, a classic, rich, white floral fragrance opening with hyacinth, geranium and freesia.  Supported by a heart of jasmine, lily of the valley and rose, and resting on a sumptuous base of powdery musk, precious woods and orchid.

21 September 2012

Recipeace, 21/9 Peace Day

Recipeace is a social movement that brings people together over food. The intent is to build awareness for Peace Day on a global scale, while inspiring peaceful action on an individual level.
These adverts are created by Bellas Ads.


And here are a couple of recipes to create you in your home to celebrate de Peace Day! :)