31 August 2012

Nature by Mark Laita

This serie of images featuring plant and the creatures that inhabit them by Mark Laita are amazing!

Box Play For Kids

Looking for things to do with a cardboard box?
In Box Play for Kids they make recycled, custom-designed children's stickers that (combined with a little imagination) turn any old box into a wonderland of possibilities!
So... turn your old boxes into new toys! :)

30 August 2012

Ice Cream by Renata El Dib

It's summer and you only want an ice-cream... I got it right?
I love this advert created by Renata El Dib for Kibon!

The source is DesignBoom.

Doolçot by PaperToy

I couldn't resist to share with you these cute creatures called "Doolçot" that means too sweet.
They are created by Toxic Paper Factory, and if you want you can download and make them! :)


29 August 2012

Nine Fake Cakes by Jacinda Russel

What will you do if you find any of these curious cakes in the beach or the pool?
First of all, I'm sure I would try to take a bite! :)
These original photos are taken by Jacinda Russel in the exhibition "Nine Fake Cakes & Nine Bodies of Water".
I love them! :)

The source is Design Boom.

Cheeming Boey Cups

Would you like to have your own personalized cup?
The artist Cheeming Boey uses the white cups we use for the coffee to create some amazing and personalized cups!
These are some of my favourites... :)

If you want you can buy some of these cups... :)

28 August 2012

Threadless Designs by David Schwen

If you like the designs of David Schwen you can wear them in a t-shirt, on your ipad...
Anywhere you choose, I'm sure they put a smile on your face! :)


Quantes vegades t'ha vingut de gust un tè fred i no te l'has fet perquè feia calor?
Ara amb Pompadur podràs fer-te infusions amb aigua freda! :)

N'hi ha per tots els gustos: Menta i Poniol, Llimona, Tè Verd amb Menta i Camamilla amb Anís; a més a més totes ja tenen un punt dolç perquè no hi hagis d'afegir sucre!; tot i que no porten sucre afegit.
Jo els he pogut provar gràcies a una promoció del facebook; a veure si en treuen més! :)

27 August 2012

Cake and Lobster by Martha Rich

Some amazing artwork ready to eat by Martha Rich! :)

Musical Wine Glasses

Have you seen the film Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock playing music with wine glasses?
You can find a couple of wine glasses with all the notes and the instruction you need to play in Uncommon Goods.
To hear music ring out, wet your finger and then run it firmly around the rim of the glass in a repeating circular motion, or gently knock the glass with a utensil like you would a xylophone. These glasses are designed and individually tested for musicality and clarity so that even a knock of glasses in a cheers with a friend can become a musical event!