31 March 2012

Angry Birds Space

Do you know the addictive game Angry Birds?
How many time have you wasted trying to pass all the levels?
Have you played the new game Angry Birds Space
These are the characters of the new game! :)


It's spring time so, there are new colours for your nails!
Do you like pink, purple, yellow, orange...?; so this will be your season!
I've found these littles nail lacque by Astor a very cheap price, and with all the colours!
I've choosen the purple and orange one, which one is the perfect for you?

29 March 2012

Little Doll-Shaped Molecules

Do you like science?
I've found this little doll-shaped molecules in Discover Magazine, who said science isn't funny?

When Jonathan Swift put pen to paper, he came up with Lilliputians. When chemists at Rice University got wacky with organic chemistry back in 2003, they came up with NanoPutians. These people-shaped molecules--a whole cast of them--are each synthesized using a string of chemical reactions. Click through to follow the life cycle of a NanoPutian as she grows from NanoToddler to NanoProfessional.

NanoToddler grows up, gets longer legs.

In the end, it's one big happy family…chained together.

Realistic Illustrations

This amazing illustrations are from Cesar del Valle a Columbian artist.
You can take a look at his homepage Behance.

The source is My Modern Met.

28 March 2012

Strangest Inventions

If you like to view some of the strangest inventions of the history take a look at Brain Pickings.
There are from Sparnestaad Photo.
Here are the most curious!

Alarm by Ms Meg Rosoff

How about reading a book in a tin?
This original idea created by Ministry of Stories, is a tin with a surprising story inside... and some candies to enjoy while reading it!
And if you want to try first you have to read the directions... :)

If you take a look at the homepage you'll find some amazing stories! :)

27 March 2012

Old Villains

Have you ever wonder if the villains get older?
The project, Horror Vacui, from Federico Chiesa and Carolina Trotta has created them for you! :)

The source is BitRebels.

Best Friends Forever

How about a new blind box by KidRobot and Travis Cain?
This one is specialized in best friends...
Which one is your favourite?; the heart and the arrow?; the coffee and the doughnut? the ice creamd and the sun?

Let's cuddle by true fire!

26 March 2012

Beyond Earth

How about a different perspective from the planets?
This planets are designed by Stephen Di Donato, you can choose if you want a wallpaper for your mobile or a poster for your bedroom! :)

The source is ArtGeek.

25 March 2012

Mad Men Game

Are you a fan of Mad Men?
The Fine Bros has created a Youtube Game based on the Mad Men series!
It has 3 different endings, will you find them?

The source is Asian Correspondent.                                                     

Lego by Moleskine

I love Lego as you may have seen in all my posts.
So there's a new limited editon by Moleskine in cooperation with Lego and I couldn't resist to buy a notebook! :)
I have the big ruled notebook, it comes attached with a Lego plate on the cover, and some lego minifigures and brick stickers.
I love it, I'll write all my thoughts on it! :)