28 October 2011

The Great Global Treasure Hunt

Do you like enigmas?
Do you want to won 50,000 euros?
You have to take a look at this book!
It's a book to take it in calm and have a little bit of time to spend searching the answers the quests...
If you want to have the chance to solve the mistery, you have to be quick; the oportunity ends on march!
I'm not sure if we solve it, but we have a good time trying to! :)

If you want some clues, take a look... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/google/great-global-treasure-hunt/8725240/What-you-need-to-take-part-in-The-Great-Global-Treasure-Hunt-On-Google-Earth.html

27 October 2011


Eva is a spanish film, directed by Kike Maillo (his first film).
The synopsis is about Alex, a renowed cybernetic engineer, returns to his home after 10 years, to create a robot child.
The photos are taken in Sitges Film Festival.

Honey Day

I love presents, who doesn't?
This was send to my home... and it's really sweet! :)
It's an envelope full of desserts, it's called "Honey Day". In this shippment I recived a few surprising things...
- A Candy Burger, you can make your own sweet burgers!
- A sachet of Hot Cereals, really good for the first colds...
- A little packet of Panda Cookies, they are really cute and delicious.
- A pack of Red Ginseng Candy, I hope I'll refill my energies with them! :)
I'm wondering if this month I'll recive one shippment too...

26 October 2011

I love you!

A chemistry way to say I LOVE YOU!
If you like it, you can buy a poster or a card in Etsy!

The source is: http://www.bitrebels.com/design/i-love-you-geek-style-7-minimalist-designs/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+bitrebels+%28Bit+Rebels%29

Chanel nº 531, Peridot

Every season, I love to buy magazines to view the trends of the season, specially the beauty products and accesories!
So, this fall, I've found this particular nail enamel, Chanel nº 531.
It has the colour of one of my favourites minerals, the Peridot.
The nail colour is beautiful, 'cause it changes the colour while you move your hands! :)

25 October 2011

Scarlet Bakes

Sometimes I like to try new recipes, but usually I prefer savory dishes.
But sporadically I make some dessert recipes...
I found a different dessert package in Mary's Market, a Barcelona shop, it's Scarlet Bakes.
It has almost all the ingredients you need to make a delicious cookies!, you only need 1 egg and some butter.
I choose the Cranberry Cookie Mix Jar (it has won the Great Taste 2010), and it takes only 10 minutes to make them and 15 to cook in the oven!.
If you like home made cookies, this package is for you!, they are easy to make, quickly and delicious!; and they have more cookies flavour, take a look on their shop! :)

24 October 2011


Do you like Scifi?
In the Sitges Film Festival 2011 the magazine Scifiworld gifted the audience with surprising present, a carnivorous seed!
The seeds are amazing, and I hope they'll grow! :)

19 October 2011

Dr. Oetker

Una nova promoció de trnd!
Aquesta vegada són les Pannini de Dr. Oetker, tot s'ha de dir que tenen molt bona pinta!
Aqui hi ha la informació del projecte: http://trndload.com/es/pannini/trnd-es_Pannini_GP.pdf.
Hi ha places per 10.000 persones i jo ja m'he apuntat!
Ja em veig degustant-les mentres em miro un partit de futbol cridant: GOOOOOOOOOOOL!! :)


A few weeks ago I found an interesting website... you pay 10 euros and you receive a nice box with beauty samplers!
This is my september packet, it has a mix of products, all nice and well packed! (Glamourum)
I search more information on the web, and I found more webs like this, it change the price and the products on the state, in Australia, in America, in United Kingdom... The only problem they still don't send it international!
The next week I'll recieve the october box, I'm waiting for it! :)
Have you tried too? Which product would you like to try?