16 January 2018

Social Decay by Andrei Lacatusu

The artist Andrei Lacatusu tries to show us how the brands can degenerate when time passes...

Anatomy Of A Scandal By Sarah Vaughan - Book Review

Anatomy Of A Scandal By Sarah Vaughan
Genre: Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3'5/5

This is the story of Kate, Sophie and James... and how their lives collide in a rape trial that will leave all of them marked for life. Ready for a Scandal?

"The truth is a tricky issue. Rightly or wrongly, adversarial advocacy is not really an inquiry into the truth', Justin Carew, QC, told us callow twenty-somethings, fresh from Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and Bristol. Advocacy is about being more persuasive than your opponent, he continued. You can win even if the evidence is stacked against you provided that you argue better. And it's all about winning, of course."

I will make some spoilers with my review, so be advised!
This has been a disturbing read, reading about a rape trial is not easy and the thought of the rapist going free simply for lying is shameful. 
Let me explain, the book is very well written, slow paced and with a few surprising twists. Told between the past and the presents of our main characters to put us on scene and that make us understand their story and their thoughts. What I didn't like is how in a moment where the women are trying to stop violence against women and sexual assaults, this book, with simply a lie in the court, the rapist could go free, without any doubt from the jury. Sorry, no rapist should go free, neither in fiction or in reality, a woman that has been assaulted had to suffer the rape and the sadness to repeat the experience in voice a lot of times, so no excuse, no rapist should go free!
What makes me more angry is that the "alleged" rapist, James, is in the politician career, has money and a lot of contacts, and of course he is handsome and perfect to charm everyone. So he knows that no matter what the woman says, he will go free.
Sophie, James wife, is more sad that his husband was cheating on her that the possible rape, and is ready to forgive him for the health of their children! Really? Would you like your kids to grow up with a rapist and a cheater? Sorry, not me.
And the last one, Kate, the glue of the story, the devil's lawyer, a cold woman that just lives to solve cases, is ready to put James in prison... but will she win?
Take a breath and start reading Anatomy Of A Scandal, the controversy is served.

15 January 2018

Illustrations by James R. Eads

Beautiful and inspiring illustrations by the artist James R. Eads, enjoy! ;)

The Garden Of Small Beginnings by Abbi Waxman

The Garden Of Small Beginnings by Abbi Waxman
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Source: Little Brown
Rating: 5/5

"It's been more than three years since my husband died, yet in many ways he's more useful than ever. True, he's not around to take the trash, but he's great to bitch while I'm doing it myself, and he's generally excellent company, invisibility notwithstanding. "

When you loose the love of your life in front of your eyes, to continue living is more painful than dying.
Lilian loved her husband very much, but thanks to the love of her two little daughters and her sister she breathes and survives everyday, but is not ready to be happy. Suddenly, for work she will have to assist to some botanical classes and everything will start to change... is she ready to be happy again?
I don't have words to describe how beautiful and inspiring this read has been; witty, funny and tender at the same time I loved every page. 
This has been one of those books that I felt chemistry since the first page, I could understand the characters like there were real and felt moved by their feelings and thoughts. Because Lilian has lost her husband, but who hasn't lost someone important in their life and is scared and ashamed to smile or be happy again? Lilian, with her humour and tenderness will show us that even in the darkest moments there's a light at the end of the tunnel, we have to heal, step by step, but that when we are ready, we could be happy again.
Let me say that it has been really original reading the garden ideas at the end of each chapter, I just missed some seeds to start my own garden right now! ;)
This is a beautiful read that will make you smile in the worst moments, take a chance with Lilian, she is worth it.
Ready to create your own garden?

13 January 2018

Cabletica Advert, Some Filters Are Not Enough

Let me say that this is a funny advert, from Cabletica, but at the same time so true! There are some filters that are not enough to protect our children from the TV programs, so we should be careful what they are watching!

Advertising Agency: Jotabequ Grey, San José, Costa Rica
Creative Director: Ronny Villalobos
Creative Supervisor: Allan Jimenez
Art Directors: Duncan Campbell, Yeudi Guido, Andrea Castro
Additional Credits: Felipe Aguila

The source is Ads of the World.

The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor

The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor
Genre: Crime, Fiction
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

This is the story of five friends and how their friendship changes after a murder... all of them had their own guilty conscience after the murder, but did any of them have anything to do with the murder?

"It's drawn in crayon, which is wrong. Perhaps that's why, as and added reminder, the sender has included something else. I tip up the envelope and it falls to the desk in a small cloud of dust. A single piece of white chalk."

This has been a surprising book; original, twisted and remarkable. The story is told between the past and the present, mainly told by Eddie Munster, one of the band of Fat Gav, Hoppo, Metal Mickey and Nicky. None of them had an easy childhood but they kept connected during their adulthood till they start receiving some weird letters and all the past seemed to revive again, will they discover the truth this time before it's too late?
I liked how in The Chalk Man all the characters have an important part in the plot, it reminds me the story of "Murder In the Orient Express" from Agatha Christie, but I can tell you that there's just one killer, but of course is the one that you would never suspect!
As we turn the pages, we enter in a gossip village where everyones thinks that knows everyone's life, and having a secret is almost impossible. But at the same time, the story not just talks about the murder, it shows us how difficult can be to live with someone you love with Alzheimer and the fear that any mistake could mean having the illness too. Or about the love between an adult and a teenager, is it really love? Not easy themes to talk about, but that are part of the plot making it more interesting and real at the same time.
The Chalk Man is not a simple crime book, is a story with multiple stories inside, each one more interesting and to keep on your mind for a long time.
Do you have some chalks at home?

12 January 2018

OVERHEARD by Avner Geller

The artist Avner Geller has created the project "OVERHEARD" based on real conversations, enjoy! ;)
"People say the funniest things when they think no one is listening."

The Stationery Selection - November 2017

Yes, I know, this is not the last shipment of The Stationery Selection, it's from last year! But this is the funny thing of spending more than a month travelling and during Christmas, everything was delayed and I received two shipments together. So, I thought even this is not the last box, it's great and is worth taking a look at the beautiful products that has inside, take a look...

First of all, this original agenda/notebook, it's just for half year, but it has the perfect size to keep your events on date and wrote all your thoughts too. I highly recommend you to take a look if you still don't have an agenda for this year.

Of course, as I always say, there's never enough washi in my life! So these three slim grey washi would be great to arrange some photos on my notebook and the beautiful brown... I am sure I will find an original arrangement to make it more cute than it is.

I saw these cute Kitta stickers in Japan and I regret that I didn't bought them, so I was so happy when I found them on my box!

Being addicted to write letters as I am, I can't wait to start using these beautiful transparent papers to tell my holidays to my penpals! ;)

I have to say it's been a while since I used a pencil or a rubber (yes, one is a pencil and the other a very fashion rubber!) but after all the books I bought in Japan to learn how to draw, I think these couple will be very useful, don't you think?

This had been a very impressive box and I can not wait to share you the December box in a few days, be prepared!

9 January 2018

The Heights by Juliet Bell - Blog Tour

The Heights by Juliet Bell
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Rating: 3'5/5

The Heights is a story about love, passion and crimes during the mining strikes in 1980's in Yorkshire.
This is the story about two families; the Earnshaw and the Linton's, how their life became linked in their fate forever, in life and death... and how a detective, DC Lockwood, tried to discover the truth about some mystery murders that appeared around these families...

"After everything he'd seen in this job, that was the place his brain took him whenever he let his guard drop. To this day he still woke, sweating at night, hearing the sound of the nail gun beside his ear, and the screech of metal as the nail tore through the body of the van. He could still feel the sharp stab of pain in his flesh."

I liked this book because is a first sight view of how the families lived the strikes; the fear, the poverty, the loneliness... and how the children had to survive the moods of their parents... not an easy read, but reading history always makes you think how life can or could change when the time passes.
I am still deciding if I liked the main characters, because Cathy could seem a selfish woman for just wanting a better life... but living in poverty and with an abusive brother I don't think it has to be easy... and on the other side, Heathcliff just wanted some love in his life. But, when he looses his more precious person in his life, becomes very dangerous and unstable making everyone around him afraid and at risk... Their "love" story makes everyone around them miserable and hopeless.
And I can not say anything good or bad about Lockwood, he just seem the narrator of this tragic story, talking to all the people that could had change the fate of Cathy and Heathcliff, but decided not to take part.
Slow paced but real, we enter to the modern Brönte adaptation of Wuthering Heights. I never read the book, but after reading The Heights I am sure I will search for it, trying to see the similitudes.
What would you do for jealousy?

Appetite by Anita Cassidy - Blog Tour

Appetite by Anita Cassidy
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 4/5

When we read the word "Appetite" we relate it to a desire; to food, passion, change... but do we really control the impulses to this need or the need controls us?
This is the story of David, Naomi and Matthew and how their appetite control their lives, but the question we should ask is do they want their desires controlled or they like being moved by their impulses?

"Then, as he turned and walked away, he thought, You might hate me but, believe me, I will always hate myself more."

This book has been an entertaining but at the same time opening eyes read, because we really don't think we pay enough attentions to our desires or why we have them. Are our passions healthy or they make us worse persons? And the most important think, is it worth to let our deep desires flow without any control? All our characters are being controlled by their passions for good or bad, but after reading their stories we will understand that it's not easy to face off our faults or even try to control our desires, and of course they will always have the possibility to fall again...
I am sure if you read this book you will feel identified with some of the characters, because they have their faults, yes, but at the same time, their dreams are real and human...
David, a fat school boy, really fat, that all his life turns around the feel and moods when he eats. And we have to ask, how can food dictate a person's life?
Naomi is tired of his life, she feels her husband is boring and doesn't pay enough attention to her son James... Her addiction will show us that no matter how perfect we think a life can be, there's always more behind our eyesight.
Matthew senses his life has to improve after a trip to Brazil, but were to start? How can he change his life? He is my favourite character, not just how he changes his life but how he understands that being a teacher means more than teaching the lessons but also to help their students when they need it.
This had been a great read, I highly recommend it and the characters story will be with me for a long time.
Do you have any appetite?